More forestry operators have announced mill closures in northwest B.C. due to lack of fibre supply and negative market conditions.

Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. announced it is curtailing its lumber operations at Apollo Forest Products in Fort St.

James, Lakeland Mills in Prince George, and Nechako Lumber Co. in Vanderhoof, for two weeks, effective January 30th.

“There are factors outside of our control that are having a detrimental impact on our business,” said Sinclar President

Greg Stewart in a Jan 23 news release.

“Regrettably, it is necessary to curtail our lumber operations at this time,” he said.

Weak market conditions and constraints on an economical fibre supply are having a significant negative impact across

the B.C. forest industry.

“Sinclar remains committed to the long-term sustainability of our operations, while continuing to support our

employees, local First Nations, and communities,” said Stewart.

The Premium Pellet operation will continue to run, and Lakeland will continue to provide heat to the Prince George Downtown Renewable Energy System.

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