Prince George winery takes top awards in national contest


The best fruit wine in Canada is produced right here, Prince George.

The Northern Lights Estate Winery Pink Night and Bell Reserve have taken the top spot in the All Canadian Wine Championships 2022.

Bell Reserve took Double Gold in the Soft Fruit Dry category, while Pink Knight took Double Gold in Tree Fruit Off Dry.

“Northern Lights Winery was really thrilled to win two major awards at the All Canadian Wine Championships, including the best in their category in all of Canada for our Bell Reserve series, which is a blend of blueberry and haskap wine – four years aged with American Oak and also the Pink Knight, which is a blend of cranberry and apple, which is just a delicious and refreshing, light fresh wine,” Doug Bell, owner/operator of Northern Lights Estate Winery, said.

“The All Canadian Wine Championships takes wines from the best wineries across the entire country and it includes fruit wines and grape wines and it is well known as one of the greatest platforms for people to learn about a variety of wines, so the best sommeliers, wine writers and wine experts come from across Canada and internationally come and blind taste test the wines from all these wineries to decide on who will win these awards.”

Bell said he’s pleased that Northern Lights can bring the national and international spotlight to Prince George.

“I think us winning awards like this just reminds people of how diverse and beautiful Prince George is and it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase the best that we have and hopefully bring new visitors to the town over time,” Bell said.

Perry Cook
Author: Perry Cook

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