FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Oil and gas operators are being reminded to assess sites for any potential damage or spills after being impacted, according to the BC Energy Regulator.

The assessments must be conducted upon re-entry and before restarting operations to address any potential risk to the public or environment.

The regulator says any damage or spill that meets the definition of a reportable incident under the Emergency Management Regulation must be classified and reported in accordance with regulatory requirements.

“Permit holders should also be aware of new risks that wildfires may have created, such as danger trees, damaged powerlines and poles, and the potential for sub-surface fires to persist and occasionally over-winter when fire behaviour has been intense, and the subsurface vegetation supports continued low-intensity burning,” said the BCER in a technical update.

The BCER says it has been working closely with other provincial government agencies to identify operators with assets that could become a risk. The information is then shared directly with each company.

Local governments, Indigenous authorities and critical infrastructure operators, such as telecommunications and hydro, participate in regular phone calls with the BCER to share information and receive updates.