The facilities featured here use biomass as a fuel to produce steam or hot water at a central plant.  This steam or hot water is then pumped underground for space heating and to provide domestic hot water to a number of buildings in a local cluster.

Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy Technology, Northern Lights College

Housed in the new Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy Technology the wood pellet boiler system will be used as a training facility for renewable energy technologists.

Nazko Valley Elementary School & Community Centre

A 60,000 square foot school and community centre, in a village 100 kilometres west of Quesnel, was converted from using propane to wood pellets as a fuel for heat in 2008.

Haidi Gwaii Energy

The village of Old Massett is employing a high tech wood biomass boiler by way of a centralized heating system for their main community buildings. These buildings are comprised of a community hall, the band office, a health center, the social development and child family services building and an elementary school.

Prince George District Energy System

The biomass-based Prince George District Energy System (DES) provides heating for several landmark buildings in downtown Prince George while reducing 1,900 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. The state-of-the-art district energy system takes what was previously considered waste heat from Lakeland sawmill and transfers it via insulated piping to heat the downtown core of the city, a move that makes sense financially, environmentally, and socially.

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