Good afternoon

Northern BC Business is interested in featuring local businesses in Northern BC for our website. There is no cost to this. Yes it is free. We get over 500 unique visitors a day to our site as well as many followers on Facebook and Twitter

We are looking for a 500 word article about your business

What you will need to cover is the following

Name and locations

How long in business?

What you do? Selling a product or service?

Where are your customers?

What makes you different?

Any business awards or acknowledgement?

How do you view being a business in Northern BC?

What are some of your positive ideas, stories or thoughts?

Anything else that allows you to brag about your business?

We will publish your story and if it catches our attention we will contact you for a free 5 min video podcast

Who are we you ask?

We are a couple of guys that have had some business success and failures operating from Northern BC. We created this news website to celebrate and brag about business in Northern BC

Please feel free to contact us you have any questions

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