Six projects have been greenlit for $107,155 in grant funding through the BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund. 


In Chetwynd, $50,000 will go to Hasberry Farms Inc. to build a commercial processing centre for haskap berry products. The centre will help agricultural production and provide easy access to healthy food products for consumers, at a reduced cost. 

In Buick Creek, $31,743 will go to Josh Wiebe for farmland development, clearing logged land into arable land to grow crops. Once the land is clear, a pasture will be created to rotationally graze and feed cattle. 

In Progress, $12,500 will be given to North Slope Cattle Company Ltd. for portable fencing to allow flexibility in winter feeding, and improve pasture health for elk and other game. 

In Groundbirch, $6,291 will go to Dave and Brenda DeWetter to upgrade their corral system for sorting and loading cows and calves, replacing the system with free-standing panels to make sorting and loading easier. 

In Tomslake, $5,296 will go to Delano Kjos for a portable electric fencing unit. The unit can divide gazing pastures, and will help avoid over-grazing, in addition to allowing cattle to graze more intensely in certain areas. The practice promotes growth of water retaining grasses, which improves land and soil quality.

In Cecil Lake, $1,325 will go to Ashely Pugh to purchase a livestock scale for at-home use and use by local 4-H members. Ranchers and farmers need to know the weight of their animals in order to sell locally. 4-H programs also require their animals to be weighed. 

“This funding reflects our commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and supporting the local communities that are the backbone of this region,” said Rick Kantz, Chair for the BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund in a press release.