A new venture will see the Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Society (GNS) and Rupert Meats team up on a local smoked salmon business.

The new Wilp Sihoon Smokehouse project will see the GNS use its smokehouse equipment in Rupert Meats’ facilities to offer local smoked salmon on the North Coast.

GNS CEO Blair Mirau said the fish will be locally sourced and processed and is hoping to get the salmon products for sale at GNS-owned stores such as Yaga Café, the Port Ed Store, Bob’s on the Rocks by 2024, in addition to Rupert Meats.

According to Mirau, GNS had acquired the smokehouse equipment, but licensing and facility obligations were tricky. Rupert Meats had the space and know-how to get the operation running.

“We are excited to partner with Rupert Meats to launch Wilp Sihoon smoked salmon. We are confident that locals and visitors alike will enjoy the recipes and products we will have to offer,” said Mirau.

Rupert Meats co-owner Craig Summers said the company, which changed ownership in 2022, is excited to team up with GNS for the venture.

“Building on our commitment to providing quality value-added smoked products, we are proud that more of our products will be locally sourced, harvested, processed, and available to our community,” said Summers.