A $55 billion Ksi Lisims LNG project being conducted by the Nisga’a is being opposed by the Lax Kw’aalms First Nation.

Lax Kw’aalms have halted the Nisga’a nation’s ability to get consent for an environmental assessment citing concerns over the ability of the project to meet zero emissions.

This project is the result of a partnership between Rockies LNG, Western LNG and the Nisga’a Nation and would see the development of a floating liquefaction facility and marine export terminal at Wil Milit at the northern end of Pearse island, 15 kilometers from Gingolx.

The project would produce 12 million tons of LNG annually with an expected life span of 39 years.

In early October, the assessment office began a dispute resolution process at the request of the Lax Kw’alaams which happened after the assessment office gave the green light to the project, allowing it to move onto the environmental assessment phase and the main concerns appear to be the marine pipeline and the power transmission line. 

This isn’t the only dispute between the two First Nations as the Lax Kw’laams and the Metlakatla took the Nisga’a to court last May, which temporarily stopped the Nisga’a from purchasing a 22,000-hectare parcel of land at the mouth of the Nass.


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