As a well-known Prince George comedian Mike McGuire not only gets creative with his humour, he actually turned one of his punch lines into a hot sauce.

Called Suspicious Cyclops, he turned the two-fingered ‘I’m watching you’ gesture into a one fingered gesture and when you see the hot sauce’s label it all comes together.

It all started when McGuire ran a downtown Prince George pub in 2004 and he was looking for a signature dipping sauce so he literally went into his own kitchen pulled ingredients from his cupboards, added those to mayonnaise and it was everyone’s favourite.

When the pub shut down he shelved the recipe only to adapt it about five years ago for a Kinsmen tastiest wing contest where he deleted the mayonnaise but left all his original ingredients to make the sauce he sells now.

Mike started a little Facebook-friendly challenge of ‘I’ll show you mine’ with his meals just to keep things interested during pandemic lock down. As he tried to come up with interesting meals to post he decided to bring the sauce back once again, shared it with some friends and when someone asked him if he sold the stuff he suddenly decided he would.

There’s hot spots all over town, yes, the pun is intended, where the homemade in the kitchen sauce is available.

Mike will be at the farmers’ market alongside the court house every other Saturday starting today.

Birch & Boar carries it but the real kicker is that if you make the purchase from Anchor’s Fish Market and Seafood proceeds go to one of Mike’s favourite projects called the Downtown Food Group, whose sole mission is to feed the unhoused every Saturday afternoon in downtown Prince George.

“In fact that’s where you’ll find me right after this,” McGuire said. “I’ll be helping feed the folks down here.”

If this sauce could talk it would tell stories of its travels.

“Suspicious Cyclops is the official sauce at Winston’s Bar in Puerto Vallarta,” McGuire laughed.

The sauce has made it to Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and all over BC.

“And you can even find it at Grizzly Jim’s General Store in Topley, BC,” McGuire said.

Find Suspicious Cyclops on Facebook or visit one of the many locations in Prince George and if you want to chat with the creator himself, find him out at the Farmers’ Market.

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