Lake Babine Nation’s forestry enterprise, Lake Babine Nation Forestry Limited Partnership (LBN Forestry), has entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with West Fraser. This significant collaboration will merge their local tenure volumes into a single First Nations Woodland Licence (FNWL), to be under the ownership of Lake Babine Nation.

Lake Babine Nation, centred around Babine Lake, is home to over 2500 members. Prioritising its role in forestry and forest management, Lake Babine established Lake Babine Nation Forestry in 2016, managed by Lake Babine member Duane Crouse, which now employs approximately 27 individuals.

Chief Murphy Abraham expressed optimism about the agreement, emphasising its potential to align forestry practices with the Nation’s stewardship priorities while fostering economic growth. “This agreement will contribute to the durability of forestry in our region and deliver employment and long-term benefits to the Lake Babine people,” Chief Abraham said in an April 8 statement.

West Fraser’s President & CEO, Sean McLaren, highlighted the importance of recognising Lake Babine Nation’s stewardship role in their traditional territory. “Partnerships like this one will be key to restoring a thriving forest sector in the province,” McLaren said.

The Bulkley and the Morice Timber Supply Areas will contribute volume to the FNWL, enhancing its scope and potential impact