First turbine rotor lifted into place at Site C.BC Hydro

BC Hydro says it has marked another milestone at the Site C dam.

Spokesman Bob Gammer says the first turbine rotor on the project has been placed into the Unit 1 generator pit inside the generating station.

Assembling the rotor, which weighs more than 600 tonnes, took about a year to complete, Gammer said, and took two powerhouse cranes four hours to carefully lift it into place.

“The rotor contains the electromagnets that will create a magnetic field which, when rotated past the copper windings in the stationary stator bars, creates the flow of electricity,” Gammer explained. “Over the next 18 months, we will be doing five more similar lifts for the remaining units.”

Construction of the earthfill dam is now around 90% complete, and the project more than 70% built overall.

BC Hydro president Chris O’Riley told the BC Natural Resource Forum in January that the official target for commissioning is still nearly two years away.

However, he suggested the company could potentially generate first power in December of this year.

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