FORT NELSON, B.C. – Hydrogen Naturally and Peak Renewables, the two companies partnering with Fort Nelson First Nation to build a massive hydrogen facility in the Northern Rockies, visited the future site of the project last week. 

This visit, according to the delegation from the project attending the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality special regional council meeting on May 11th, was to see the site–and the town–firsthand.

“Today was for us to get to know Fort Nelson, to understand what’s happening in community, and to see the facility,” said Brett Jackson, president of Hydrogen Naturally.

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“This is the very beginning of a long-term project, so we’re doing our homework and making sure we understand where we fit and what the community needs.” 

The site for the project was determined to be a good position for the project and feasibility studies on the engineering required for the transformation of the site, which is located on the former OSB and plywood sites outside of the municipality and on the Fort Nelson First Nations traditional lands.

Permits will still need to be obtained before construction can begin, according to the delegation. 

The $1.2 billion facility, the first of its kind in B.C., will create up to 1 million tonnes of hydrogen and remove more than 20 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere over 50 years.

The facility will use proven natural direct air carbon capture and storage methods to process wood harvest residuals that are not used for high-value solid wood products into carbon-negative hydrogen, known as Bright Green Hydrogen.

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