Not only have temperature records been set in Prince George and around the province, so has the demand for electricity use.

On Monday (December 19) evening BC Hydro set a record for peak hourly electricity demand, the hour customers use the most.

“It was about this time last year on December 27 that we broke the record in 2021 at 10,762 megawatts of demand,” BC Hydro Community Relations Manager Dave Mosure said, “and last night we’re looking at just over 10,800 megawatts between 5 and 6 pm. That is our new maximum so far.”

Susie Rieder spokesperson for BC Hydro said they expect the demand will remain high and that there is the potential to see this latest record fall before the cold snap ends.

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With the high demand, it has the potential for high bills if you’re heating with electricity.

“So if you’re down for the night or leaving the house set your thermostat to 16 degrees so you’re not keeping it excessively warm.” Mosure said, “If you’re just watching tv, set it to 21 degrees, but if you’re up and moving about doing housework, cleaning, that sort of thing, 18 is a good setting and that keeps money in your pocket.”

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