$80 million has been committed by the Canada Infrastructure Bank for a Hydroelectricity Expansion project taking place in Atlin.

The Bank committing all these funds was in part, made possible by entering into a partnership with the Tlingit Homeland Energy Limited Partnership.

This project is expected to see a new 93 kilometer transmission line along with a 9.2 megawatt hydroelectric facility be built in Atlin in order to provide clean power to the Yukon microgrid.

And by making the power cleaner and lowering the amount carbon produced, GHG emissions are expected to be reduced by about 29,500 tonnes annually.

This project will also provide it’s share of employment opportunities for local residents both while it’s being built and when it’s operating in areas such as plant operations and maintenance, trades and environmental and safety monitors.

The investment by the bank is intended to help close an infrastructure gap for First Nations and communities near the Yukon who mainly rely on diesel generators for electricity during the winter


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