VICTORIA — The stage is set for a significant call to power in spring 2024.

The Province and BC Hydro are actively engaging with First Nations and clean energy innovators to strategize ways to meet B.C.’s growing electricity needs through clean or renewable resources.

Josie Osborne, minister of energy, mines and low carbon innovation, highlighted the significance of early and ongoing consultation in a recent press release, stating that collaboration with First Nations is a step toward advancing reconciliation.

Thus far, the process has involved 30 meetings with 24 First Nations and regional workshops, discussing various aspects of potential energy projects and the upcoming call for power.

Chris O’Riley, president and CEO of BC Hydro, adds, “As we gear up for our 2024 call for power, understanding the priorities of First Nations and stakeholders is at the forefront of our strategy. Our approach is rooted in openness and flexibility, ensuring we’re not just hearing but genuinely incorporating the feedback received into our call’s design.”

As the late fall and early winter months unfold, BC Hydro will continue these conversations, refining the procurement process, and shaping future electricity purchase agreements to reflect the economic interests of First Nations and the practical realities of clean energy production, the release states.

Public feedback is also encouraged via the BC Hydro Task Force’s online platform.

The hope for the BC Hydro Task Force is to steer the narrative towards inclusivity in the clean energy arena.

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