By Nathan Jordan

Highway Cellular Coverage

Mar 22, 2023 | 5:24 PM

PRINCE GEORGE – The Government of British Columbia has announced it’s investing $75-Million to improve cellphone coverage along Provincial highways. The goal is to expand the existing cell service network by 550kms over a 4 year period, supporting a previous $15-Million announcement in 2020 that’s currently being put use improving signal along 532kms of far flung roads. All-in-all, the funding boost will enable cellphone usage along an additional 1000kms of blacktop by comparison to 2019.

Tuesday’s funding announcement confirmed the new funds will flow through the Connecting British Columbia program, administered by the Northern Development Initiative Trust. Projects already underway related to the 2020 expansion include 252kms of improved service areas plus the installation of two additional rest-stops along Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert, with the goal of completing a comprehensive coverage spanning the length of the Highway of Tears.

The Province bills it’s new investment as part of the StrongerBC, Economic Plan. The funding will support the expansion of highway cellular networks in B.C. by contributing to the overall cost of the projects led by service providers. At this point no additional expansion projects have been announced, more information on that, as well as what companies are eligible to apply will be available later this year.

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