Michelle Carr, Commissioner & CEO of the BC Energy Regulator was on hand at the PRRD board of directors meeting for an update on matters related to the area.

BC Energy Regulator is formerly the BC Oil and Gas Commission. The Regulator oversees activities from exploration and development, to pipeline transportation and reclamation.

“Our role includes refineries, value added gas and liquids manufacturing processes, aspects of geothermal power, and recently expanded to include carbon capture, hydrogen, ammonia and methanol,” said Carr.

Ensure we are proactively addressing community-specific needs, interests and values through policy development, quality engagement, and responsive decision making.

Carr spoke to the expanded role of the organization’s mandate to support a low-carbon energy economy in BC – and a one stop shop for the industry.

“We provide regulatory clarity and certainty for potential hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia projects,” added Carr.

It was noted there are 819 decommissioned well-sites in BC, with 656 located in the PRRD.

“22 percent within the PRRD have been restored and reclaimed.”https://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/fort-st-john/bc-energy-regulator-provides-prrd-an-update-6897707