DAAJING GIIDS, B.C. – The federal and British Columbia governments are putting more than $1.5 million into a new wastewater treatment strategy for the village of Daajiing Giids in the Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia. Funding will support a planning and design initiative to enhance the capacity for wastewater treatment and management in the village, bringing the area into compliance with federal and provincial regulatory requirements, a federal government release said, as well as enhance capacity to protect fish and shellfish habitats. “This investment affords us the opportunity to research innovative technologies in wastewater treatment and compare with more conventional solutions; allowing us to make the best decision for Daajing Giids and Haida Gwaii,” Daajing Giids Mayor Lisa Pineault said in a statement. The federal government is investing $619,400 through the Green Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, while the B.C. government is investing $516,115 and the Village of Daajing Giids is contributing $412,985. Once complete, the improved wastewater treatment will help protect sea life that many depend on for nutrition, employment or recreation, the release said.

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